ACDE | Association of Canadian Deans of Education
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The Association of Canadian Deans of Education (ACDE) is an association of Deans, Directors, or Chairs of Canadian Faculties, Schools, Colleges, or Departments of Education committed to pan-Canadian leadership in professional and teacher education, educational research, and policy in universities and university-colleges. ACDE is a constituent association of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education.

Motivate. Innovate. Activate.


ACDE’s fall meeting will be held online, via Zoom. Please contact our executive director for additional details.

The executive is presently interested in hearing suggestions for meeting topics for our fall 2020 meeting. If you would like to provide suggestions or feedback, please email Katy

Communications Tools for ACDE Members

A suite of elements to help you promote ACDE and the ACDE Accords on your website, in your social media accounts, in communications to your own faculty or senior administration, and to external groups and events (ministries, conference presentations, Indigenous communities, etc.). In order to keep the ACDE brand strong, we encourage you to use these elements as they are presented and not to modify them. If you require additional formats, please contact Katy Ellsworth at