ACDE | Worldviews 2019
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Worldviews 2019

Worldviews 2019

Worldviews 2019, a major three-day conference on democracy and the changing relationships in higher education and the media in the global north and south – specifically the challenges of communicating in a “post-truth” world; the impact of technological change; the emergence of diverse voices; and new directions in media-higher education collaborations. Mark Rosenfeld, former Executive Director of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty is coordinating the conference. A full description of the event can be found at

The higher education media will be well-represented at Worldviews 2019 including:

Scott Jaschik, Editor, Inside Higher Ed (Washington)
Paul Basken, North America Editor, Times Higher Education
Brendon O’Malley, Editor, University World News (London)
Richard Adams, Education Editor, The Guardian (UK)

As well, there will be a range of experts from media and higher education providing insights on the conference themes, and facilitating interactive discussions with participants, including:

Michael Ignatieff, President and Rector of Central European University, Budapest
Maria Ressa, CEO and Executive Editor of and former CNN bureau chief in Manilla, Philippines
Siva Vaidhyanathan, Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia, author of Anti-Social Media
Sophia Rosenfeld, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania; author of Truth and Democracy
Tom Nichols, Professor of National Security Affairs, US Naval War College, author of The Death of Expertise
Edward Greenspon, President, Public Policy Forum; former editor-in chief of The Globe and Mail
Janice Stein, Belzberg Professor of Conflict Management, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto
Greg Kelly, Executive Producer, CBC Ideas
Alan Miller, CEO, News Literacy Project (Washington)
Ivan Semeniuk, Science Correspondent, Globe and Mail
Kevin Siu, Globe and Mail Managing Editor, Longform, Features, Opinion
David Skok, CEO and Editor-in-chief, The Logic
Jane Lytvynenko, Journalist, BuzzFeed Canada
Patti Sonntag, Director, Institute for Investigative Journalism, Concordia University
Catherine Wallace, Assistant Managing Editor, Toronto Star
Cam Gordon, Head of Communications, Twitter Canada
Ellen Ruppel Shell, Co-Director, Science Journalism Program, Boston University, author of The Job: Work and Its Future in a Time of Radical Change
Nermeen Shaikh, Co-Host and News Producer at Democracy Now!, author of The Present as History: Critical Perspectives on Global Power (Columbia University Press)
Mathew Ingram, Chief Digital Writer, Columbia Journalism Review