The Canadian Society for the Study of Education is the largest organization of professors, students, researchers and practitioners in education in Canada. CSSE is the major national voice for those who create educational knowledge, prepare teachers and educational leaders, and apply research in the schools, classrooms and institutions of Canada. Founded in 1972, the bilingual CSSE is an umbrella organization consisting of several national constituent associations.

Meet Our Executive

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook edit

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, CSSE President

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook is a Professor of Curriculum Studies and Director of the Teacher Education Program at the University of Ottawa. In his administrative, educational, and research capacities, and in partnership with the local Indigenous and school board communities, he is committed to addressing the 94 Calls to Action put forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He is collaborating with colleagues to create a state of the art teacher education program that promises to prepare teacher candidates for the social, economic, and cultural demands of the 21st century. As part of his administrative mandate, he and colleagues are creating a digital hub strategy, including social innovation mobile design labs in local schools, reconceptualizing their programming in light of the ongoing innovations within social science and humanities educational research. Nicholas’s research specializes in curriculum studies (policy development, implementation, and integration of emergent technologies). He draws on life writing research (autobiography, ethnography, oral history, and narrative inquiry) to develop oral history education projects and respective culturally relational curriculum with Indigenous and first generation immigrant communities. For the past three years, Nicholas has sought to establish stronger research and teacher education partnerships with local school board administrators, principals, and lead associate teachers across the Outaouais region as well as international partners in the United States, China, and elsewhere to address their collective curricular priority areas. Working with the wider educational community as a former President of the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies and CSSE Treasurer has enabled Nicholas to develop stronger partnerships and richer friendships with different colleagues across Canada. In turn, CSSE has provided an invaluable network for him to collaborate with some of Canada’s best educational researchers on different federal and provincial research grants that address different curricular and pedagogical initiatives related to curriculum studies and teacher education.

JulieDesjardins edit

Julie Desjardins is CSSE’s Vice-President (francophone)

Julie Desjardins est vice-doyenne à la formation à la Faculté d’éducation de l’Université de Sherbrooke depuis 2009. Spécialiste des questions relatives à la formation des enseignants son parcours s’organise autour d’une même préoccupation : contribuer à l’amélioration de la qualité de la formation des enseignants et des professionnels de l’éducation. À travers un engagement continu, elle a occupé des postes d’enseignante, de professeure, de direction de programme et de vice-doyenne à la formation qui l’ont amenée à comprendre et à agir dans les différents niveaux des organisations scolaires et universitaires. Elle aussi siégé à de multiples instances (locales, régionales, provinciales, nationales ou internationales), apportant sa contribution au développement d’orientations ou d’actions visant l’amélioration de la formation des acteurs du milieu scolaire. Impliquée dans divers regroupements scientifiques, ses travaux de recherche et les publications qui en découlent contribuent au développement de connaissances relativement aux programmes de formation axés sur le les compétences professionnelles. Elle s’intéresse particulière à la prise en compte des dimensions pédagogiques, mais aussi organisationnelles et sociales des programmes. Elle a développé au cours des années, une passion pour la gestion universitaire et aura complété un programme de MBA pour cadres en exercices complété, en juin 2017.

KirkAnderson edit

Kirk Anderson is CSSE’s Vice-President (Anglophone)

Kirk Anderson is in his second term as the dean of the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He holds a PhD in educational administration and leadership from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (2002). Born in Western Newfoundland he comes from a family with Mi’kmaq and Inuit ancestry. He has been a teacher and principal, was active in serving the school district, and belonged to the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. Following his teaching career (1981-2004), he was an education professor at the University of Saskatchewan (2002-2003), University of Calgary (2004-2007), and University of New Brunswick (2007-2011), where he was associate dean of education before joining Memorial University in 2011. In 2007, he received the teaching excellence award from the University of Calgary Graduate Students’ Association. His primary university research areas are school leadership and school effectiveness. He has also conducted significant research in success in Aboriginal schools and has worked on various international projects. He currently serves on a number of national and international research groups. More recently (2013), he was appointed as a member of the University of the Arctic Indigenous Issues Committee. Kirk is incoming (2017-2019) President of the Association of Canadian Deans of Education (ACDE) and is also Vice-President (Anglophone 2016-2020) of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE).

Giuliano Reis edit

Giuliano Reis is CSSE’s Secretary-Treasurer

Giuliano Reis is an Associate Professor of Science Education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Through his work he aspires to make the learning and teaching of science a way of building a better world (unrealistically ambitious?). His main research interest is in the study of language in/for science and environmental education in various learning contexts. He is married to Juliana Reis and together they have two daughters: Ana-Julia and Maria-Luiza Reis.

CSSE Objectives

The objective of CSSE is to promote the advancement of Canadian research and scholarship in education. In order to fulfill its mandate, CSSE will:

  • provide for the discussion of studies, issues and trends in education, and for the dissemination of research findings;
  • promote exchanges among members and other educational researchers in Canada and internationally;
  • foster partnerships and, through educational research, influence public policy and help determine the nature, structure and funding of the research agenda. CSSE endeavours to accomplish this objective through involving researchers reflective of the sociocultural diversity of Canada.


CSSE is governed by a board of directors consisting of an elected executive and the presidents of the constituent associations and of the graduate student committee, supported by a permanent staff in our Ottawa office.

Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, known as the Federation, is a membership-based organization that is made up of 66 scholarly associations and 71 universities and colleges, comprising more than 70,000 scholars, students and practitioners across Canada. CSSE is one of the largest scholarly associations in the Federation.

Through its activities, the Federation strives to support and advance Canada’s research in the humanities and social science, fields which are intrinsically important to the development of social, cultural and economic understanding, thus giving our society necessary tools to address the most complex of questions.

For more information on the Federation, please visit their web site.


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