In accordance with the policy of the Society, the nominations of officers must be completed prior to the Annual General Meeting. This year one (1) position with a four-year mandate is to be filled for the 2020 elections, that of a director in the presumptive role of Vice-president (Anglophone), to be confirmed by the board of directors. The nominations committee consists of Shelleyann Scott, Michael Owen, and Robert Nellis. The director will begin their four-year mandate following the 2020 AGM.

Members of CSSE are invited to submit nominations on the form provided. A nomination from the membership must bear the signature of three members. Consent of the nominee must be obtained. A short professional biography must be provided. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 26 April 2020. Our Society is stronger by holding elections for executive offices.

Ballots and supporting materials will be distributed later by the national office. The results of the election will be declared at the AGM in London this June.

Send to:
Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)
Fax: 613.241.0019

Nomination Memo pdf
Nomination Form pdf


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