Officers | Executive Committee

President: Jacqueline (Jackie) Ottmann (First Nations)

President-Elect: Louis Volante (Brock)

Vice-President (Francophone): Abdoulaye Anne (Laval)

Vice-President (Anglophone): Robert Nellis (Red Deer)

Vice-President (Indigenous): Vacant

Secretary-Treasurer: Ruth Kane (Ottawa)

Past President: Position filled every second year | Poste est comblé une fois chaque deux ans



ACDE President(s): Sharon Wahl (UNB)

CACS President(s): Mindy Carter (McGill) and Hala Mreiwed (McGill)

CAEP President(s): Jenn deLugt (Regina) and Ian Matheson (Queen’s)

CAFE President(s): Lynn Lemisko (Saskatchewan)

CASEA President(s): Paul Newton (Saskatchewan)

CASIE President(s): Aubrey Hanson and Dustin Louie (Calgary)

CASWE President(s): Lynn Thomas (Sherbrooke)

CATE President(s): Cathryn Smith (Brandon)

CCGSE President(s): Mohamed Estaiteyeh (Western) and Cameron Smith (Ottawa)

CERA President(s): Man-Wai Chu (Calgary)

CIESC President(s): Melody Viczko (Western)


Other Positions

CJE Anglophone Editors: Blaine Hatt, Nancy Maynes, and Thomas Ryan (Nipissing)

CJE Francophone Editor: Carole Fleuret (Ottawa)

Conference Manager: Michael (Mike) Holden (Queen’s)

Communications Manager: Cameron Smith (Ottawa)

Member Services: Barb Ford

Director of Administration: Tim Howard


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