We maintain a standing committee structure dealing with the following areas:

Standing Committee on Research and Development (SCORD) – To inform the membership of CSSE regarding the nature and structure of educational research and avenues of research funding.

Standing Committee on Government and External Relations (SCOGER) – To seek representation and active participation of CSSE in educational policy making at the provincial, national and international levels.

Standing Committee on Professional Enhancement and Collaboration (SCOPEC) – To encourage new and renewed membership in CSSE, to foster the work of the local representatives and to plan professional development events for CSSE members where appropriate.

Standing Committee on the Conference (SCOC) – To oversee the conference, promote opportunity, and foster a high quality research conference through the recommendation of policies and practices to the Board of Directors.

Other committees are established as needed to deal with various aspects of our mandate and provide opportunities for service to our members.


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