ACDE’s General Accord and Accord on Initial Teacher Education

ACDE’s General Accord and Accord on Initial Teacher Education were launched on May 29, 2006 at York University during the annual conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education.

The ACDE news release noted:

“The Accord on Teacher Education represents the first time that all Canadian education deans have come together to urge provincial governments to support university teacher education programs. In recent years, education faculties have suffered from funding cuts, increased student quotas, and limits to program length. Canada’s education deans are responding to the developing crisis in teacher education programs by asking governments and the public to increase their investment in the programs.”

During the event, ACDE President Dr. Alice Collins, Dean of Education at Memorial University, stated “teachers in Canada’s public schools need our support. If the Canadian public cares about its education system, then it must care about the preparation of teachers. The quality of the education provided in our public schools is directly dependent on the caliber of the teachers. For Canada to have the best possible teachers, provincial governments need to make a significant investment into university teacher education programs.

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