ACDE Conference Program at CSSE 2021

ACDE Conference Program at CSSE 2021

SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2021

Session 2.1 | Séance 2.1
Turn and Face the Pain:  Covid-19 and BC Teacher Education Programs
Chair/Prés : David Paterson (VIU)
Panel: David Paterson (VIU), Marianne McTavish (UBC), Wendy Klassen (UBCO)

Session 4.1 | Séance 4.1
The Sherman Lecture
Co-sponsored session with CASIE
Reconciliation in a Post-Curriculum World: The Future of Education
Chair/Prés : Dr. Sharon Wahl (UNB)
Speaker: Dr. Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair (Manitoba)


MONDAY, MAY 31, 2021

Session 6.1 | Séance 6.1
The Hidden Curriculum of Academic Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges (Co-sponsored session with CASEA)
Chair/Prés : Wayne Melville (Lakehead)
Panel: Maria Cantalini-Williams (Laurier), Wayne Melville (Lakehead), Susan O’Neill (Simon Fraser University)

Session 10.1 | Séance 10.1
The Need for Indigenous and Racialized Senior Leaders on Campus
Chair/Prés : Jerome Cranston (Regina)
Panel: Kumari Beck (SFU), Ann E. Lopez (OISE), Karen Ragoonaden (Manitoba), Jacqueline Ottmann (Saskatchewan), Angelina Weenie (First Nations University)


Session 11.1 | Séance 11.1
Future Trends in Teacher Education: Settling into a New Normal
(Co-sponsored session with CATE)
Panel : Jerome Cranston (Regina), Heather Duncan (Brandon), Fernand Gervais (Laval), Kathy Hibbert (Western), Marianne McTavish (UBC), Stephen Price (Mount Royal)

Session 12.3 | Séance 12.3
ACDE’s Next Accord: Education for a Sustainable Future
Chairs/Prés : Richard Barwell (Ottawa), Ron MacDonald (UPEI)

Session 15.1 | Séance 15.1
Revising the Accord on Indigenous Education
(Co-sponsored session with CASIE)
Chair/Prés : Jennifer Tupper (Alberta)
Panel: Dwayne Donald (Alberta), Aubrey Hanson (Calgary), Jacquie Ottmann (Saskatchewan)