ACDE Conference program at CSSE 2023

ACDE Conference program at CSSE 2023

May 1, 2023 | Please join ACDE for the following conference sessions offered during CSSE 2023. All times indicated are Eastern daylight.

The CSSE program app will contain the most up-to-date information on when and where sessions are scheduled. As session locations are often changed at the last moment, CSSE strongly recommends using the app to navigate conference sessions.


Sunday, May 28

Townhall on the revision of the Accord on Indigenous Education

11:15 to 12:15 | Seymour Schulich Building (SSB) E115

Moderators: Jan Hare (UBC) and Jennifer Tupper (Alberta)

Co-sponsored by the Canadian Association for the Study of Indigenous Education (CASIE)


CSSE-SCÉÉ, ACDE-ACDÉ, and OADE Reception  

6:00 to 8:00 | Second Student Centre Convention Centre


Monday, May 29

Decanal leadership in times of uncertainty and complexity

11:15 to 12:15 | Seymour Schulich Building (SSB) W133

Moderator: Richard Barwell (Ottawa)

Discussants: Marianne Cormier (Moncton) and Dianne Gereluk (Calgary)

David Mandzuk (Manitoba) | Deans on the edge of chaos: Managing dilemmas and crises in turbulent times

This paper will share results from a study examining ways in which deans from across several disciplines at one large Western Canadian university dealt with uncertainty and complexity, both during the pandemic and in their daily leadership.

Lynn Bosetti (UBC) | Institutional Betrayal: Leadership in a Toxic Culture

In this session we will share testimonies from interviews with 20 faculty deans from universities across Canada and Australia who have been targeted and mobbed by bullies and examine how their institution responded. Often silenced, we expose the consequence of these actions on the identity, health and well-being of these leaders, discuss ways leaders can protect themselves and changes to institutional policy and procedures to address incivility in the workplace.

Deans in Dialogue: Implementing the Accord on Education for a Sustainable Future

3:00 to 4:15 | Seymour Schulich Building (SSB) N108

Moderators: Rob VanWynsberghe (UBC) and Paul Elliott (Trent)

Panelists: Richard Barwell (Ottawa), Patrick Howard (Cape Breton), Thomas Falkenberg (Manitoba), Yovita Gwekwerere (Laurentian), Ellen Field (Lakehead)

This panel presentation will invite Deans from Faculties of Education across Canada to participate in a dialogue on the implementation of the Association of Canadian Deans of Education’s (ACDE) Accord on Education for a Sustainable Future. As stated in the Accord itself, the ACDE is committed to “mak[ing] a difference” (p. 4), just like a growing number of educators.

Tuesday, May 30

ACDE presents the Sherman Lecture

Looking Back, Moving Forward with Critical Anti-Racist Education

9:45 to 11:00 | Seymour Schulich Building (SSB) N106

Featuring Dr. Verna St. Denis (Saskatchewan)

Moderator: Lace Marie Brogden (StFX)

The integration of First Nations, Métis and Inuit children into Canadian public education began in the mid 1950s. Despite the availability of various renditions of culturally responsive education, public education continues to struggle to meet the needs of Indigenous and other racially minoritized children. Faculties of Education must be compelled to examine and seek to disrupt the whiteness of its faculty, its educational programs, specifically its graduate education curriculum that inevitably reproduce future generations of faculty. Meaningfully addressing the racial inequities that public education produces must become a priority for our Faculties of Education.

From rhetoric to responsibility: Canadian Deans of Education move forward with EDID

11:15 to 12:15 | Rob And Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building (MB) G102

Chairs: Allyson Jule (UFV) and Lara Ragpot (TWU)

Discussion leaders: Jerome Cranston (Regina), Reginald D’Silva (UBC), and Sheryl MacMath (UFV)

This session explores the possibility of an ACDE Accord on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization (EDID). Over the years, the Association of Canadian Deans of Education has published seven Accords, beginning with the General Accord in 2006 and continuing with accords on Teacher Education, Indigenous Education, Research in Education, Early Learning and Early Childhood Education, Internationalization of Education, and Education for a Sustainable Future. These accords represent the agreement of Deans to work together in advancing education in Canada based on shared goals, values, and principles. These accords signal ACDE’s advocacy for positive change in public education in Canada. EDID is a central aspect of education in Canada today; it speaks to the national, public discourse on the importance of developing and sustaining a civil society through inclusion of all participants. The focus of this session is to discuss why and how Deans can articulate a shared understanding and responsibility for EDID. This session uses varying levels of discussion as a way of forming foundational values regarding EDID. Participants will engage in personal reflections as well as group discussions and respond to various definitions of EDID and how these definitions may or may not align with their insights. Discussions will be prompted by guiding questions and the synergy of shared experiences with EDID in Canadian Faculties of Education.