Building systemic change for equity: Implementing EDID policies in higher education contexts

Building systemic change for equity: Implementing EDID policies in higher education contexts

March 12, 2024

Panel discussion during the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Join the Association of Canadian Deans of Education (ACDE) and panel chair Dr. Jerome Cranston, Vice-Provost, Students and Learning at the University of Saskatchewan, as we grapple with individual and collective actions and accountability stemming from institutional EDID policies. Representatives of three national, educational organizations to speak to their institutional EDID policies, related commitments, achievements to date, intentional forward-looking plans, and challenges remaining.


Dr. Barrington Walker, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Ms. Heather Cayouette, Universities Canada
Dr. Sheryl MacMath, Canadian Society for the Study of Education


Dr. Catherine McGregor, University of Victoria


June 15, 2024 beginning at 1:30 pm
Room 160, Arts Building, McGill University Campus
Open to all Congress delegates


At present, most Canadian institutions connected with higher education have published highly visible statements on their commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization (EDID). Notwithstanding, Dr. Carl James, Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community & Diaspora at York University and ACDE’s 2021 Sherman Lecturer, posits that “…changes will not come about simply through verbal rhetoric, targeted hiring, or training sessions where individuals engage in self-reflection on their attitudes, values, and behaviours, but through critical examination of institutional policies, programs, and practices that result in the removal of systemic barriers which have operated over the years to maintain the inequitable situation being addressed.” (James, 2021).

Jerome Cranston (he/him), Ph.D. (University of Manitoba), M.Ed. (University of Lethbridge), B.Ed. & B.Sc. (University of Alberta) is grateful to be a life-partner, father, brother and uncle. Dr. Cranston is a race-conscious scholar-educator who focuses his energy and time on uncovering the overt and covert ways that racialized ideologies, structures, and institutions create and maintain racial inequality and injustice with a goal of collectively finding solutions that can lead to greater equity, racial justice, and build healthier communities. He is a much sought-after presenter, consultant and educator on the topics of systemic racism and social inequity. Over his career, he has served on a number of diversity, equity and inclusion, and human rights advisory committees and working groups. Most recently, Dr. Cranston was the project lead and architect of the equity and racial justice learning program developed in partnership with the Canadian School Boards Association. He currently serves as the Vice-Provost, Students and Learning, at the University of Saskatchewan.


James, C. E. (2023). What did the multicultural policies of the last century promise that need to be re-imagined in today’s DEDI post-secondary world? Canadian Journal of Education, 46(3), 502–516.