Association of Canadian Deans of Education

Membership 2022

Current Members

Atlantic Canada

Prof. Gerald Galway, Acting Dean

Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dean’s Assistant: Elaine St. Croix


Prof. Tess Miller, Interim Dean

Faculty of Education, University of PEI

Dean’s Assistant:  Karen-Anne O’Halloran


Prof. Janet Dyment, Director

School of Education, Acadia University

Director’s Assistant: Shauna Coldwell-Sweeney


Prof. Antony Card, Dean

Faculty of Education, Mount St. Vincent University

Dean’s Assistant: Stephanie Mills


Pr. Dany Sheehy, Directeur

Department of Education, Université Sainte-Anne


Prof. Patrick Howard, Interim Dean

School of Education and Health, Cape Breton University

Assistant: Ida Steeves


Prof. Lace Marie Brogden, Dean

Faculty of Education, St. Francis Xavier University

Dean’s Assistant: Jennifer Connors


Pre Marianne Cormier, doyenne

Faculté des sciences de l’éducation, Université de Moncton

Adjointe administrative: Johanne Laliberté


Prof. Sharon Wahl,  Dean

Faculty of Education, University of New Brunswick

Dean’s Assistant: Wendy Jones


Prof. Marcea Ingersoll, Director

School of Education, St. Thomas University

Director’s Administrative Coordinator: Erica Cairns


Prof. Anthony Di Mascio, Interim Dean

School of Education, Bishop’s University

Dean’s Assistant Kimberlee Maheu


Prof. John Capobianco, Interim Chair

Department of Education, Concordia University

Department Administrator: Tamara Beresford


Pr Fernand Gervais, Doyen

Faculté des sciences de l’éducation–Direction, Université Laval

Adjointe administrative : Anne Provost


Prof. Dilson Rassier, Dean

Faculty of Education, McGill University

Dean’s Assistant: Donna Wilkinson


Pre Pascale Lefrançois, Doyenne

Faculté des sciences de l’éducation, Université de Montréal

Adjointe administrative : Zeina Tamaz


Pr Réal Bergeron, Codirecteur et professeur

Unité d’enseignement et de recherche en sciences de l’education, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Adjointe administrative : Colette Lavoie


Pre Diane Gauthier, Directrice

Département des sciences de l’éducation et de psychologie, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Adjointe administrative : Denise Perron


Pr Jean Bélanger, Doyen

Faculté des sciences de l’éducation, Université du Québec à Montréal

Adjointe administrative : Vanessa Dorvily


Pr Alain Cadieux, Directeur

Département des sciences de l’éducation, Université du Québec en Outaouais


Pre Stéphanie Leblanc, Directrice

Département des sciences de l’éducation, Université du Québec à Rimouski

Adjointe administrative : Madeleine Jean


Pre Audrey Groleau, codirectrice par intérim

Pre Sivane Hirsch, codirectrice par intérim

Département des sciences de l’éducation, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


Pre Anne Lessard, Doyenne

Faculté d’éducation, Université de Sherbrooke

Adjointe administrative : Lyne Gaboury


Prof. Michael Owen, Dean

Faculty of Education, Brock University

Dean’s Assistant: Sharon Spiece


Prof. Wayne Melville, Dean

Faculty of Education, Lakehead University

Dean’s Assistant: Teresa Ruberto


Céline Larivière, Dean

School of Education, Faculty of Education and Health, Laurentian University

Business Manager: Lisette Legault


Prof. John Nadeau, Interim Dean

Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University

Dean’s Assistant:  Stephanie Young


Prof. Robin Kay,  Dean

Faculty of Education, Ontario Tech University

Dean’s Assistant: Lori Keilty


Prof. Maria Cantalini Williams, Dean

Faculty of Education, Wilfrid Laurier University

Dean’s Assistant:  Tanya Diriye



Prof. Richard Barwell, Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa

Dean’s Assistant:  Johanne Doré


Prof. Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Dean

Faculty of Education, Queen’s University

Dean’s Assistant: Kyle Cummings-Bentley


Prof. Normand Labrie, Interim Dean

OISE of the University of Toronto

Dean’s Assistant:  Denise Makovac-Badali


Prof. Claire Mooney, Interim Dean

School of Education and Professional Learning, Trent University

Dean’s Assistant:  Tammy Wheeler


Prof. Donna Kotsopoulos, Dean

Faculty of Education, Western University

Dean’s Assistant:  Carol Hooper


Prof. Ken Montgomery, Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Windsor

Dean’s Assistant:  Maria Argoselo


Prof. Robert Savage, Dean

Faculty of Education, York University

Dean’s Assistant:  Barb Webster


Prof. Phil Teeuwsen, Dean

School of Education, Redeemer University

Dean’s Assistant: Magda Beukes

Western Canada

Prof. Heather Duncan, Dean

Faculty of Education, Brandon University

Dean’s Assistant: Celia Gray


Prof. Karen Ragoonaden, Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

Dean’s Assistant:  Rita Courchaine


Pr. Bertrand Pauget, doyen

Faculté d’éducation et des études professionnelles, Université de Saint-Boniface


Prof. Gina Guiboche, Dean

Kenanow Faculty of Education, University College of the North

Dean’s Assistant: Tara-Lynn Bannon


Prof. Laurie-ann Hellsten, Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Winnipeg

Dean’s Assistant: Bailey Thorpe


Prof. Jerome Cranston, Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Regina

Dean’s Assistant:  Angela Leader


Prof. Beth Bilson, Interim Dean

College of Education, University of Saskatchewan

Dean’s Assistant:  Carol Reader


Pr. Pierre-Yves Mocquais, doyen

Pre. Martine Cavanagh

Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta

Adjointe de direction: Renée Johnson


Prof. Jennifer Tupper, Dean

Faculty of Education, The University of Alberta

Dean’s Assistant:  Nike Gardener


Prof. Dianne Gereluk, Dean

Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

Dean’s Executive Assistant:  Debi Bowman


Prof. Robin Bright, Interim Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

Dean’s Assistant: Amanda Langhorn


Prof. Henry Algera, Dean

Faculty of Education, The King’s University


Prof. Edgar Schmidt, Dean

Faculty of Education, Concordia University of Edmonton

Dean’s Assistant:  Hayley Anderson


Prof. Stephen Price, Dean

Faculty of Health, Community and Education,  Mount Royal University

Dean’s Assistant: Jessica Spicer


Prof. Sarah Twomey, Dean

Bachelor of Education Program, St. Mary’s University

Dean’s Assistant Kristin Stringer

British Columbia

Prof. Jan Hare, Dean pro tem

Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Dean’s Assistant: Faustina Cheung


Prof. Yasmin Dean, Dean

Faculty of Education and Social Work, Thompson Rivers University

Dean’s Assistant:


Prof. David Paterson, Dean

Faculty of Education, Vancouver Island University

Dean’s Assistant: Megan Shevchenko


Dr. Tina Fraser, Chair

School of Education and First Nations Studies, University of Northern British Columbia


Prof. Jan Hare, Dean pro tem

Okanagan School of Education, UBC Okanagan

Faculty Administrator: Kristin Schuppener


Prof. Kris Magnusson, Interim Dean

Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Dean’s Assistant:  Alana Nordstrand


Prof. Lara Ragpot, Interim Dean

School of Education, Trinity Western University

Dean’s Assistant: June Smith


Prof. Ralf St. Clair, Dean

Faculty of Education, University of Victoria

Dean’s Assistant: Lee Smith


Prof. Allyson Jule, Dean

Faculty of Education, Community and Human Development, University of the Fraser Valley

Dean’s Assistant: Karen Power

Lifetime Members

Lifetime memberships are given to an ACDE member who demonstrates “leadership and outstanding contributions” to ACDE. Normally, those nominated as lifetime members have served on the executive, have led the development of an Accord, have facilitated the passing and launch of an Accord, or have achieved some other, significant marker. Lifetime memberships are traditionally presented to outgoing deans at their final ACDE meeting.

Cathy Bruce (Trent University)

Lifetime member since 2020

David Mandzuk (University of Manitoba)

Lifetime member since 2020

Kris Magnusson (Simon Fraser University)

Lifetime member since 2019

Ann Sherman (University of New Brunswick)

Lifetime member since 2017

Fern Snart (University of Alberta)

Lifetime member since 2015

Michel D. Laurier (Université de Montréal)

Lifetime member since 2010

John R. Wiens (University of Manitoba)

Lifetime member since 2010

Robert J. Tierney (UBC)

Lifetime member since 2009

Executive Members


President – Sharon Wahl, UNB

President-Elect – Lace Marie Brogden, St. Francis Xavier University

Past President – vacant

Secretary-Treasurer –  Allyson Jule, Trinity Western University

Member-at-Large – Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Queen’s

Member-at-Large — Stephen Price, Mount Royal

Member-at-Large — Jennifer Tupper, Alberta

Member-at-Large (fr) – Diane Gauthier, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Membership in ACDE

Membership in ACDE is open to faculties, colleges, schools, or departments of education located in
Canadian universities or university-colleges that are publicly funded or members of
Universities Canada. Membership in ACDE is institutional.
To be considered for an institutional membership, please download and complete
the ACDE Membership Application Form, obtain a letter of sponsorship from a current ACDE member,
and submit both documents to ACDE’s Executive Director, Katy Ellsworth,
at katy.ellsworth <at> ACDE’s Executive Committee adjudicates all membership decisions.