ARTS Graduate Research Award

The award is offered for a completed scholarly project, thesis, or dissertation in the area of arts research and teaching. The work must have been accepted within the calendar year prior to the year of the conference. Graduates of Canadian universities or Canadians who have studied abroad are eligible for the award.


An announcement of the Award Winner will appear in the CACS Newsletter.


All modes of inquiry are invited as are all modes of reporting. The submission will be examined by three experienced and active members of the ARTS SIG for the following:


* Relevance for contemporary arts researching and teaching
* Contribution to innovative arts teaching and/or arts research practices


* Compelling and provocative questions
* Adequate summary of the supporting literature
* Methodology and research process clearly explained
* Quality of reporting and writing


* Artistic merit
* Offers important new perspectives or ways of thinking about arts research and teaching


The winner must be a member of CSSE, CACS, and ARTS.

Submission Requirements

Interested applicants should submit the following:

  1. A PDF copy of the signed committee acceptance of the dissertation/thesis/project.
  2. An abstract of 1000-1500 words outlining: the problem(s) / question(s) addressed in the study, a brief review of the major literature, the design methodology, the major conclusions, and a statement of significance.
  3. A PDF of the full project, thesis, or dissertation.


15 March 2014


John J. Guiney Yallop


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