CACS Cynthia Chambers Master’s Thesis Award

In her provocative address of what had been absent or underrepresented in the landscape of curriculum studies in Canada, Cynthia Chambers challenged scholars “to write a topography for curriculum theory, one that begins at home but journeys elsewhere” (1999, p. 148). In honour of Dr. Chambers, whose life writing as a form of inquiry and Indigenous Studies research around Aboriginal literacy of place has inspired curriculum scholars and educators across Canada, the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (CACS) is pleased to announce the Cynthia Chambers Thesis Award for an outstanding Master’s thesis in curriculum studies in Canada. This award is intended for students who defended a thesis at a Canadian university in the calendar year preceding the application deadline of February 1st. The thesis may be presented in either English or French.

Chambers, C. 1999. “A Topography for Canadian Curriculum Theory.” Canadian Journal of Education 24 (2): 137–150.


The winner of the CACS Cynthia Chambers Thesis Award will receive a plaque and $500 for expenses to attend the CACS Celebration at the CSSE Conference.


A panel of three experienced researchers in curriculum studies at Canadian universities, who are members of CACS, will adjudicate the submissions. General criteria are overall quality, substance, distinctiveness, and significance. Specifically, reviewers are seeking outstanding theses that:

  • are original;
  • employ a high degree of creativity or critique (preferably both);
  • demonstrate a sophisticated engagement with both theoretical and practical considerations (that is, informed by matters of theory and method rather than driven by or simply applying them);
  • provide evidence of a scholarly awareness of what has been learned and gained through the inquiry as well as the limitations of the scope and effect(s) of the inquiry.

Short-listed finalists will be asked to submit a full electronic version of her or his thesis, including a copy of the signed and dated committee acceptance of the thesis.

Submission Requirements

Interested applicants or their thesis supervisors should submit the following, as three separate electronic MS Word files:

  1. A cover page providing the following information: applicant’s name; current address, phone and e-mail; the name of the university where the study was completed; the name of the supervisor(s) and the external examiner; the defence date
  2. An abstract of no more than 1500-1800 words (1500 for English and 1800 for French), which includes the full title and a brief description of the intent, design and results of the inquiry to make the case that the submission meets the criteria of the award, i.e., that the thesis is pertinent, original and makes a significant contribution to curriculum studies research in Canada
  3. A current copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae.

Incomplete submissions and hard copies will not be considered.  Please send all applications electronically.


Applications should be received by February 1.


Linda Radford, Ph.D.
Co-Second Vice President, CACS
Faculty of Education
University of Ottawa


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