CACS Ted T. Aoki Award for Distinguished Service

The Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies (CACS) seeks nominations for the “Ted T. Aoki Award for Distinguished Service within the Field of Canadian Curriculum Studies.” The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals who have made major contributions through research, teaching, and/or professional service in the field of curriculum studies in Canada.


The winner of the Ted T. Aoki award will receive a plaque to be presented at the CSSE Congress.


The winner of this award will be expected to meet at least three of the following four criteria:

  • A distinguished record of research and publication in the area of curriculum studies as evidenced by publications in journals with national and international status, and/or published books, and/or by the receipt of research grants or equivalent measures.
  • A distinguished record of teaching and preparation of graduate students, as evidenced by the receipt of teaching awards, commendations from students, former students occupying leading positions in curriculum studies.
  • An active role in the preparation of teaching materials in the area of curriculum studies, as evidenced by authorship of textbooks, case studies, audiovisual materials, presentations or workshops, or equivalent.
  • Active service related to Canadian curriculum studies through membership on committees, preparation of public reports or documents, contributions to public debate about curriculum issues, or equivalent.


Candidates must have made major contributions to the field of Canadian curriculum studies through scholarship and service over an extended period of time, usually at least 10 years. Candidates must be Canadian or have worked in Canadian institutions.

Submission Requirements

Colleagues and graduate students are encouraged to submit names and résumés of outstanding individuals who have made major contributions to curriculum studies in Canada. A maximum of three supporting letters for the nominee from persons who are able to attest to the outstanding nature of the contributions should be included with the nominator’s submission.

By the deadline, a letter of recommendation and a copy of the candidate’s résumé, together with any supporting letters of reference, should be submitted as indicated on the right.


1 February 2023


Avril Aitken, Ph.D.

Committee Members

Sean Wiebe
Marcea Ingersoll
Cathryn Van Kessel

Previous Winners

2018 Nicholas Ng-A-Fook
2017 David Jardine
2016 Celeste Snowber
2015 William Pinar
2014 Erika Hasebe-Ludt
2013 Carl Leggo
2012 Cynthia Chambers
2011 David Smith
2010 Ingrid Johnston
2009 Celia Haig Brown
2008 Hans Smits
2007 Sam Robinson
2006 Rita Irwin
2005 Antoinette Oberg
2004 Linda Phillips
2003 Terry Carson


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