Carol Crealock Memorial Award

The recipient of the Carol Crealock Award should enact a professional identity that embodies the qualities Carol became known for among her colleagues and associates. Therefore, the annual winner of this distinguished joint CAEP/CASWE award should: (a) have a strong sense of justice and passion for equity; (b) be collegial, supportive, and a mentor for new scholars; (c) engage in collaborative work that links with the academy and community (e.g., academics, practitioners, and possibly parents); (d) conduct research that is recognized as transformational in that it can be readily understood and acted upon; and (e) have initiated collaborative research projects that have had a positive impact on both the academy and the wider community.


The award recipient will receive $200 and a certificate of recognition, awarded at the CSSE annual conference.


Accordingly, the following principles will guide adjudication of nominees for the Carol Crealock Award:

  • Offered to a scholar who exemplifies work within social justice and equity issues; further, this individual actively collaborates and or has initiated research team(s) that advance equity and social justice. Examples of issues will be tailored each year in accordance with the disciplines of the awarding association (e.g., in the 2012 CAEP year, an issue might be dedication to understanding and striving to have positive impact for students with special needs, whose circumstances place them in disadvantaged positions). This aspect of the award makes it unique and, as such, not simply a service award.
  • However, the award is also offered to recognize a faculty member who has exemplified exceptional mentorship, collegiality, and service to their respective associations in the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE).
  • The awarding association will be in alternate years.
  • Joint adjudication between CAEP/CASWE. The award is to be offered on an alternating basis to one Association each year but the award committee will consist of three members – two from the awarding association and one from the non-awarding association.
  • The nomination is to be made by one CSSE faculty member but can be supported by any number of letters from others, including academics and community members, whether or not members of CSSE.

Submission Requirements

Nominators should submit:

  • A letter of recommendation from the nominator(s),
  • The nominee’s current curriculum vitae, and
  • Letters of support.

At least two supporting letters from persons who are able to attest to the outstanding nature of the nominee’s contributions are welcome. Individuals who submit letters of support need not be members of CAEP/CASWE.


Nominations for the 2020 Carol Crealock Award should be submitted to CAEP by 1 February 2020.


The Carol Crealock Award nomination package should be sent electronically to:

Jennifer Katz, PhD
The University of British Columbia

Please include the name of the award and your surname in the subject line.  Please request notification of receipt.


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