CSSE Support for Short-term Scholarly Events

This funding opportunity is presently suspended.

The mission of CSSE is to advance knowledge and inform practice in educational settings. The goals for knowledge mobilization include increasing visibility for CSSE and the work of its members. Our major scholarly event is the annual conference affiliated with Congress. This short-term scholarly event funding support enables CSSE members to get together at other times throughout the year to connect, share their work and connect to other education communities.  CSSE provides seed funding support for these short-term scholarly initiatives (maximum $2500 per event).

Funded organizers of such events must ensure that the CSSE logo appears on all conference materials and advertising, and that CSSE be acknowledged at the event.


Seed money up to $2500 per event.


We invite proposals for scholarly events for CSSE members that may be one or two day conference, institutes, symposia, or workshops. The proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Alignment of the proposed event with CSSE mission and objectives
  • Interdisciplinary nature of the event (bridging interests of various associations within CSSE)
  • Scheduling of event to be between October 1 and April 30 (so as to not overlap with the annual conference)
  • Graduate student participation at discounted costs
  • Applicants for the funding are current CSSE members


The applicant must be a current member of CSSE.

Submission Requirements

Information required in the proposal:

  1. title, date, location
  2. description of the event, including discussion of impact (large impact, local impact, etc.) and how the knowledge will be shared with the broader educational community
  3. objectives of the planned event
  4. rationale, with explanation as to how the objectives fit with CSSE objectives
  5. description of how CSSE will be acknowledged
  6. and publicized during the event
  7. description of organizers and intended participants
  8. draft program
  9. budget, including participation fees
  10. plans for dissemination of outcomes

Proposal submissions should be sent to Tim Howard at csse-scee@csse.ca.

Past Winners

November 2008: http://www.ache-chea.ca


There are two deadline dates for applications for the Short-term Scholarly Events funding, January 15 and July 15 of each year. Each proposal will be evaluated according to the criteria above.


Tim Howard
Telephone: 613.241.0018
Fax: 613.241.0019
Email: csse-scee@csse.ca


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