CERA Workshop: Writing Persuasive Mixed Methods Research Proposals











Facilitator: Dr. Cheryl Poth

Do you have a study idea but not sure how to write a persuasive mixed methods research proposal?  If so then this workshop is for you! Through integrating a practical and learner-responsive approach, this workshop will help maximize the persuasiveness of your proposals by developing your competencies in conceptualizing, designing, and communicating mixed methods research proposals. The workshop is organized around three key questions that can also be considered the learning objectives: (a) What distinguishes persuasive mixed methods research proposals from other types of research proposals? (b) What writing features should be incorporated to persuade target audiences of mixed methods research proposals? (c) How can researchers avoid common pitfalls seen in mixed methods research proposals? Participants are encouraged to bring a study idea or preliminary draft of a proposal that can be reflected upon during the workshop as some opportunities for small group work and feedback from participants and instructors will be embedded. Participants are encouraged to have consulted an introductory mixed methods resource (e.g., Creswell, 2014 or Creswell & Plano Clark, 2018) or have equivalent other experience.

The cost of the workshop is $40 per person; pre-registration is required at https://www.assocsrv.ca/csse/login.asp?lang=e

Cheryl Poth is a faculty member in the Centre for Research and Applied Measurement and Evaluation in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In this role, she has developed and teaches graduate courses in mixed methods research and program evaluation. Dr. Poth has an adjunct appointment in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and serves as the methodologist on several cross-disciplinary research teams.  Dr. Poth’s specific research interests include enhancing research quality and collaborative research teams in the fields of education and the health sciences. She is an advisory board member of the International Institute of Qualitative Methodology and fourth president of the Mixed Methods International Research Association. She currently serves as associate editor of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research and editorial board member of the International Journal of Qualitative Methodology and Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. She co-authored with John Creswell on the 4th edition of Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design (2017) and is working on a Mixed Methods Research book.