CSSE Spotlight Sessions

Session/Séance 1.3 Room/Salle Education Building – ED 210 CACS-ACÉC / CAFE-ACÉFÉ / CASIE-ACÉÉA Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
What the body remembers: A curriculum of wit(h)nessing
Adriana Boffa (Alberta), Dwayne Donald (Alberta), Daniela Bascunan (OISE-UT), Lucy El Sherif (OISE-UT)   


Session/Séance 2.11
Room/Salle Education Building – ED 230  LLRC-ACCLL / CRC-CRC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Making, Playing, Innovating  Making and the possibilities of diverse and open pedagogical thinking  Amélie Lemieux (Brock), Jennifer Rowsell (Brock)  Storybooks Canada: A pilot study of a digital innovation for multilingual children  Michelle Gilman (UBC), Bonny Norton (British Columbia)


Session/Séance 3.1  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 223.1  CACS-ACÉC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications  
Poetry, poetic narrative, and a/r/tography
Learning to Listen & Listening to Learn: In Defense of Poetry in Curriculum Studies  Carl Leggo (UBC)  Whose Knowledge Counts? Creating a place for minority parents’ knowledge and lived experience on the school landscape  Momina Khan (Saskatchewan)  On Becoming a Writer: Writing Stories as Educational Research  Chelsea Larock (Ottawa)  


Session/Séance 3.7  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 623  CATE-ACFE / CASIE-ACÉÉA / CAARE-ACRAÉ  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Critical Perspectives on Indigenization and Decolonization in Teacher Education  Action Research: Differentiating Indigenizing and Decolonizing in Teacher Education  Twyla Salm (Regina), Michael Cappello (Regina)  Indigenization as Continuous Thought: Year 1 of a 10 year study in a One Year Post-Degree Teacher Education Program  Vandy Britton (Fraser Valley)


Session/Séance 5.1  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 210  ACDE-ACDÉ  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Visioning Environmental Sustainability Education in Teacher Education
Chair/Prés.: Maurice DiGiuseppe (UOIT)  Visioning Environmental Sustainability Education in Teacher Education  Maurice DiGiuseppe (UOIT), Patrick Howard (CBU), Yovita Gwekwerere (Laurentian), Clinton Beckford (Windsor)   


Session/Séance 5.8  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 619  CATE-ACFE / CACS-ACÉC  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Globalization and Diversity in Education: What Does It Mean for Canadian Teacher Education
Julie Mueller (Laurier), Paul Betts (Winnipeg), Jan Buley (Memorial), Christine Cho (Nipissing), Julie Corkett (Nipissing), Carla DiGiorgio (Cape Breton), Blaine Hatt (Nipissing), Lynn Thomas (Sherbrooke)


Session/Séance 8.5  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 210  CASEA-ACÉAS  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Leaders in Schools, Beyond Teachers and Principals
Chair/Prés.: Ken Brien  The Contemporary Work of Vice-Principals  Cameron Hauseman (OISE-UT), Katina Pollock (Western), Fei Wang (UBC)  School bus drivers’ perceptions of bullying on the bus  Sawyer Hogenkamp (Queen’s)  Being Prepared for a New Reality: The Emergence of Threat Assessment Teams in Education  Vicki Squires (Saskatchewan)  La pertinence de l’analyse des trajectoires dans la compréhension des enjeux associés À l’attraction et la rétention des enseignants en zones rurales  Geneviève Sirois (UQAT)


Session/Séance 8.8  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 388  CATE-ACFE  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Teacher Education in International Contexts
Teacher education for and in global contexts: A cross-case comparison of Malaysia, England, and Canada  Mark Hirschkorn (UNB), Marcea Ingersoll (St. Thomas), Jeff Landine (UNB), Alan Sears (UNB), Carri Gray (UNB), Lamia Kawtharani-Chami (UNB)  On Contested Ground: An International Teaching Practicum in Kenya  Rogerio Bernardes (Nipissing), Glenda Black (Nipissing), Kevin Wilcox (Nipissing), James Otieno Jowi (Moi), Andrew Kandie (Moi), Beth Kirigo Mwai (Moi)


Session/Séance 10.6  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 210  CASEA-ACÉAS  Special Event/Événement spécial
CASEA-ACÉAS Thomas B. Greenfield Dissertation Award Winner Presentation   


Session/Séance 10.11  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 388  CATE-ACFE  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Challenging Assumptions about the Preservice Teacher Practicum
Challenging Traditional Assumptions About The Preservice Teacher Education Practicum  Lynn Thomas (Sherbrooke), Tom Russell (Queen’s), Andrea Martin (Queen’s), Gladys Sterenberg (Mount Royal), Kevin O’Connor (Mount Royal), Allan MacKinnon (Simon Fraser), Ruth Kane (Ottawa)   


Session/Séance 11.4  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 388  CATE-ACFE  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Professional Ethics and Law for Canadian Teachers – The Official Launch of the Latest Volume of the CATE Polygraph Series  Bruce Maxwell (UQTR), Nicolas Tanchuk (Columbia), Dianne Gereluk (Calgary), Déirdre Smith (Ontario College of Teachers), Derek Truscott (Alberta)   


Session/Séance 12.3  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 191  CACS-ACÉC / CRC-CRC  Special Event/Événement spécial
CACS-ACÉC CRC Session with William Pinar   


Session/Séance 12.15  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 223.1  LLRC-ACCLL / CRC-CRC  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Disrupting boundaries in education and research: Becoming new materialists
Disrupting Boundaries in Education and Research: Becoming New Materialists  Cher Hill (Simon Fraser), Suzanne Smythe (Simon Fraser), Margaret MacDonald (Simon Fraser), Diane Dagenais (Simon Fraser), Nathalie Sinclair (Simon Fraser), Kelleen Toohey (Simon Fraser) 


Session/Séance 13.2  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 209  ARTS-SCÉA  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Theatre as Research’ in teaching and learning about Indigenous Issues with pre-service teachers
Hala Mreiwed (McGill), Mindy Carter (McGill)  Image, Body, & Voice: Supporting Girls’ Wellbeing  alexandra fidyk (Alberta)   


Session/Séance 13.8  Room/Salle Education Auditorium – EA 106.1  CATE-ACFE  Special Event/Événement spécial
CATE-ACFE Panel on Reconciliation  Chair/Prés.: Leyton Schnellert (UBC Okanagan)  Jan Hare (UBC), Dwayne Donald (Alberta), Mike Cappello (Regina), Celia Haig-Brown (York)     


Session/Séance 14.8  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 113  CPES-SCPÉ  Special Event/Événement spécial
CPES-SCPÉ Early Career Invited Lecture  Disc./Comm.: Christopher Martin (UBC)  Lauren Bialystok (OISE-UT)  


Session/Séance 14.9  Room/Salle  Education Building – ED 514  CSSE-SCÉÉ / CRC-CRC / CIESC-SCÉCI
Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Immigrant and Refugee Language Policies, Programs, and Practices in an Era of Change: Promises, Contradictions, and Possibilities  Guofang Li (UBC), Pramod Sah (British Columbia)  The More Technology the Better? A Comparative Analysis of Teacher-Student Interaction in High and Low Technology Use Elementary EFL classrooms in China  Guofang Li (UBC), Zhuo Sun (British Columbia), Youngeun Jee   


Session/Séance 16.10  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 341  CATE-ACFE / CERA-ACCÉ  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Makerspaces, Coding and Computational Thinking for K-12 Environments
Reimagining Curriculum in Makerspace Learning Environments: Preliminary Findings From Three Iterations of Design-Based Research Studying Teacher Learning Through Making  Sandra Becker (Calgary), Michele Jacobsen (Calgary)  Coding, Circuits and Crafting: Making Wearable Technologies in Support of 21st Century Competencies  Jen Jenson (York), Cristyne Hébert (York)  Positioning Design Thinking Within Professional Learning Environments: Visualizing Diversity Across Classroom Practices  Deb Carter (UBC), Susan Crichton (British Columbia)   


Session/Séance 17.14  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 310  TATE-TFEE  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Open Educational Resources and Digital Games
Exploring Sociocultural Perspectives in K-12 Open Educational Practice (OEP)  Verena Roberts (Calgary), Michele Jacobsen (Calgary)  Valuing Play: Measuring Student Learning Through Digital Game-Play  Cristyne Hebert (York), Jennifer Jenson (York)


Session/Séance 19.1  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 193   ACDE-ACDÉ / CAEP-ACP  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Mind, brain and education: The Interconnections of research across disciplines
Chair/Prés.: Dilson Rassier (McGill)  Disc./Comm.: Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen’s)  Mind, brain and education: The Interconnections of research across disciplines  Cathy Bruce (Trent), Brent Davis (Calgary)   


Session/Séance 19.7  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 616  CASEA-ACÉAS  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Leadership Issues in HEd
Chair/Prés.: Donald Scott (Calgary)  The Unhealthy Workplace: Are University Leaders Facing a Crisis Surrounding Health and Wellbeing in the Academy?  Shelley Scott (Calgary), Donald Scott (Calgary)  Aligning the transition from tenure-track to tenured with a model  Timothy Sibbald (Nipissing)  Determinant of Female Participation in University Governance in Nigeria  Eugenia Kelechi-Kanu (University of Lagos Akoka)  Legal Issues Related to Higher Education and Administration  Kelly Clement (Saskatchewan), William Smale (Trent)


 Session/Séance 19.10  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 341  CATE-ACFE  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Developing Cross Cultural Understandings for Teaching
A narrative inquiry into a Chinese teacher’s experiences of travelling between Canada and China: When East meets West  Yuanli Chen (Alberta)  Taking Action Through Dialogue: One Faculty of Education’s Journey in Fostering Cross/Intercultural Competencies  Jennifer Lock (Calgary), Colleen Kawalilak (Calgary)  Teaching, Learning, and Doing Research in Teacher Education: Reports from the Field  Angela MacDonald-Vemic (OISE-UT), Julia Antonini (OISE-UT), Susan He (OISE-UT), Sarah Buisman (OISE-UT), Uthish Ganesh (OISE-UT), Mercedes Unwin (OISE-UT)   


Session/Séance 20.2  Room/Salle Riddell Centre – RC 175  ARTS-SCÉA  Special Event/Événement spécial
ARTS-SCÉA Presidential Session
Presidential Session for ARTS-SCÉA highlighting the work of Dr. Carl Leggo


Session/Séance 20.3  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 210  CACS-ACÉC  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Re-imagining Curriculum Studies in a Post-truth Era
Re-imagining Curriculum Studies in a Post-truth Era  David Scott (Calgary), Debbie Sonu (City University of New York, Hunter School of Education), James Field (Calgary), Vicki Bouvier (Calgary), Kent den Heyer (Alberta)   


Session/Séance 20.9  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 191  CATE-ACFE  Special Event/Événement spécial
CATE-ACFE Keynote  The Nature of Continuous Professional Learning: Authenticity, Connectedness, and Context
Karen Goodnough (Memorial)   


Session/Séance 20.12  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 621  CIESC-SCÉCI / ACDE-ACDÉ  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Critique-informed Internationalization: Policy for International Education
Chair/Prés.: Melody Vizcko (Western)  Disrupting Internationalization with anti-colonial strategies  Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser)  Internationalization of higher education as progressive branding: From critique to strategic intervention  Paul Tarc (Western)  Internationalizing Teacher Preparation: The missing link in Ontario’s Strategy for K-12 International Education?  Roopa DesaiTrilokekar (York)   


Session/Séance 20.14  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 438  QSEC-ÉAÉC / CRC-CRC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Comprehensive Sexual Health Education in Schooling in Albertan and Other Canadian Contexts and the Problem with Some Parents
Andre Grace (Alberta)  Street-Involved and Homeless Youth, Sex Work, and Consent  Jeffrey Hankey (Alberta)  Administering Education through Transnational Sexuality Studies: Some Theoretical Considerations  Robert Mizzi (Manitoba), Clea Schmidt (Manitoba)   


Session/Séance 21.7  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 619  CASIE-ACÉÉA / CATE-ACFE / CACS-ACÉC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Indigenous Languages & Literacies
A Holistic Investigation of an Anishinaabemowin Immersion School: Year Four Results  Lindsay Morcom (Queen’s)  Benefits and Risks Of Mobile Communication Technologies On Indigenous Language Learning And Sustainability  Orest Kinasevych (Manitoba)   


Session/Séance 22.3  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 623  CAEP-ACP / CRC-CRC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Learning & Cognition
Disc./Comm.: Scott Thompson  What Learning Skills Have Canadian Students Mastered? A Cognitive Assessment of PISA data  Johnson Li (Manitoba), Mark Gierl (Alberta), Maria Krylova (Manitoba)  1st year Psychology Student Calibration on Exams: Insights into confidence calibration, question complexity effects, and (in)consistencies with the Dunning-Kruger effect  G. Michael Bowen (MSVU), Kimberley Good (Dalhousie)   Session/Séance 22.9  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 314  CATE-ACFE / CACS-ACÉC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications


Rethinking Issues of Normativity Across Teacher Education  Equitable admissions in Canadian teacher education: Where we are now, and where we might go  Michael Holden (Calgary, Brock), Julian Kitchen (Brock)  Neoliberal Diversity in Crisis: Rethinking Episteme and Ethos in Teacher Education  Justin Jimenez (Minnesota)   


Session/Séance 24.10  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 314  CATE-ACFE  Special Event/Événement spécial
CATE-ACFE Grad Student Symposium
Pathways & Possibilities: Navigating Potential Career Paths in Teacher Education


Session/Séance 26.1  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 209  ARTS-SCÉA / CRC-CRC  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
The Generative Social Action of Reparative Residual Research
Sean Wiebe (UPEI), Matthew O’Reilly (Lakehead)  Research as journey: Finding generative conditions for inquiry in limitation  Nicole Lee (UBC)   


Session/Séance 26.2  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 230  CACS-ACÉC / CAFE-ACÉFÉ  Symposium-Panel/Colloque-Panel
Undressing boys’ bodies: Examining the (re) location of masculinities through school curriculum
Michael Kehler (Calgary), Adam Greteman (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Jenny Ingrey (Western), Jon Kjaran (Iceland)   


Session/Séance 27.4  Room/Salle Education Building – ED 223.1  CACS-ACÉC / CASIE-ACÉÉA  Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications
Walking together in reconciliation as Treaty People
Teachers Walking Together for Truth and Reconciliation  Jennifer Tupper (Alberta), Tana Mitchell (Regina Public Schools), Jeremy Sundeen (Regina Public Schools), Heather Findlay (Regina Public Schools), Raeleen Fehr-Rose (Regina Pubic Schools), Stephanie Rogers (Regina Public Schools), Jolene Sanchez (Regina Public Schools), Christine Schoenroth (Regina Public Schools)  Treaty Entanglements: Exploring the educational significance of Treaty understandings amongst Alberta preservice teachers  Sara Solvey (Alberta)  Walking Together: An inquiry into teaching Literacy in Indigenous & Diverse Contexts  Trudy Cardinal (Alberta), Lydia Menna (Alberta)   

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