The CSSE and its constituent Associations and Special Interest Groups offer a number of awards for student theses at both the Masters and Doctoral level, for publications, and for service.

Award Funds

CSSE New Scholar Fund
Memorial Fund for Dr. Carol Crealock

Special Funding Awards

CSSE Support for Short-term Scholarly Events

Research Awards

CATE Award for Excellence in Research in Teacher Education
CERA Todd Rogers Research Award
CATE Award for Contributions to Research in Teacher Education

Publication Awards

CAFE Publication Award
CSSE Audet-Allard Publication Award
CSSE R.W.B. Jackson Publication Award
Outstanding Publication in Canadian Curriculum Studies

Graduate Student Awards

ARTS Graduate Research Award
CACS Cynthia Chambers Master’s Thesis Award
CACS Dissertation Award
CAEP G.M. Dunlop Distinguished Contribution Awards
CASEA Margaret Haughey Master’s Award
CASEA Thomas B. Greenfield Dissertation Award
CASWE Graduate Student Awards
CATE Dissertation Award
CATE Master’s Thesis Award
CERA David Bateson New Scholar Award
CIESC Douglas Ray Award
CIESC Graduate Student CSSE Conference Travel Award
CIESC Michel Laferrière Award
CPES Thesis and Dissertation Award
LLRC Master’s Research Award

Service Awards

CACS Ted T. Aoki Award for Distinguished Service
CAFE Service Award
CASEA Distinguished Service Award
Herbert T. Coutts Distinguished Service Award
SCÉCI Prix David Wilson pour service distingué

Other Awards

CAEP Robbie Case Memorial Award
Carol Crealock Memorial Award
CASWE Achievement Award
CCGSE Mentorship Award
CSSE New Scholar Fellowship


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