CASWE Achievement Award

The CASWE Achievement Award is offered annually to a Canadian woman or group of women who has/have made an outstanding contribution to women and education. It acknowledges contributions in teaching, scholarship, and/or sustained service to community and society.


The award will consist of an announcement made at the annual AGM of CSSE; a news item for home university PR Office, if relevant, and other coverage as possible; a letter of acknowledgement and congratulations to the relevant home institution; and a certificate of recognition.


The recipient(s) will be an active scholar/practitioner who accepts and supports nomination by a peer. They may be nominated in recognition of one or more of the following outstanding contributions to women and education in Canada: (a) original research/practice; (b) innovative feminist teaching; (c) sustained service; (d) other creative work; or (e) a combination of these.


In the fall, CASWE will send out a call for nominations for the award. Notice will be included in the following sites:

  • CASWE minutes and CSSE News
  • CASWE and CSSE websites
  • other publications directed toward issues for women and education

The following documents are to be submitted:

  • a letter of support from nominator, referring to above criteria
  • nominee’s biographical package that could include a curriculum vitae and/or other selected materials to support the nomination, such as: personal narrative, video, CD, poetry, etc…
  • at least two supporting letters relevant to the nomination; one letter should be from a CASWE member

Les précédents lauréats

2008: Dr. Didi Khayatt, York University 2007: Dr. Beth Young, University of Alberta 2005: Rebecca Coulter, University of Western Ontario 2004: Jane Gaskell, OISE

Date limite

Submissions should be forwarded to the CASWE president by March 30 of the awarding year (two months prior to the annual CSSE meeting). The CASWE executive members will make deliberations and select an award recipient by May 15; announcement of the recipient at the annual CASWE and CSSE AGM.


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