Travel Assistance to Graduate Students

Travel Assistance to Graduate Students


CSSE  offers travel support to graduate students attending the CSSE conference. The form [Travel claim form] is now available.


  • A current paid student CSSE member.
  • A paid Congress + CSSE delegate for the current conference.

Expenses covered:

Only the major form of transportation may be declared – plane, train, bus and/or car; taxis to and from points of departure and arrival are not allowed. Claims will be based on receipts submitted with maximums based on gateways fares supplied on the form. Reimbursement will be based on actual money paid for the transportation. We do not reimburse the value of “loyalty” points.

Amount of support:

Since the percentage of reimbursement will not be known until all claims are received and a comparison is made with the amount made available by CSSE, it is impossible to say what is the reimbursement will be. In the past few years, we have been able to reimburse between 23% and 33% of the allowed claim submitted.


The Claim for partial travel reimbursement must be completed and received by the CSSE Secretariat by the appropriate deadline [31 July 2024].
You will need to provide proof that you are currently enrolled as a student. A student card is acceptable if it indicates the year you are a student. Otherwise please consider a transcript that indicates your enrollment in a current semester (either autumn or winter semester of the current academic year). Receipts must be included with claim. CSSE reserves the right to adjust any claim to conform to these guidelines. Payments are typically made in Oct